In this series I wanted to test and extend my own compositing ability. The 5 people were shot separately in the studio over 2 days. We used a makeup artist to give their faces a grimey look and they all wore the same set of PPE. I had pre-visualised the final shot of them walking toward the camera so I knew the kind of shot I needed which made the studio shoot relatively simple. The background image was sourced from a stock website and the people were composited in using Adobe Photoshop. The hardest part about this is grounding the people in the environment – it’s easy to have them kind of floating there so I paid close attention to creating believable shadows under their feet. This relatively straight-forward technique could be used to place just about anyone or anything into any environment while retaining complete control of the process and not having to deal with adverse conditions. Picture a man offshore, a piper at the top of a mountain, a product at the bottom of the sea, a rocketship on Mars – you get the idea!