The Aberdeen Passion

The Aberdeen Passionpassion_gdp0549_gdp0439dsc_6760-edit

Every 2 years a group of volunteers produce The Aberdeen Passion, a dramatic retelling of the Easter Story which is staged at Aberdeen’s AECC. I’ve been the official photographer since the first production in 2012. The producers always have something in mind for the photography but they also allow me a great degree of freedom to put my own spin on the brief. The most memorable shot was probably the group shot of the cast from 2012. It was a cold morning and we were working very quickly moving from scenario to scenario. When it came to this shot the group were carefully arranged and I had them walk up the beach toward me maybe 2 or 3 times while I scootched backwards up the sand on my backside. A pop of flash from a couple of speedlights either side of the group helped to spark things up under a brooding sky. Credit should go to the actors for being in character and the costumes added so much as well.