New York Ballerinas

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When I visited New York City in June 2014 I asked a friend in the city to introduce me to some ballet dancer friends of hers. I’d scouted the location and arranged to hire some equipment in the city before I made the trip so with that all arranged we were at the whim of only 2 things – the weather and the NYPD! I’d checked the city regulations for photography on the streets of New York and I knew I should be ok as long as I didn’t place any equipment on the ground. I met the dancers on location at just the right time when the sun was going down and we started to shoot. I had to work quickly in the fast-changing light but the dancers brought so much to the shoot that I didn’t have to direct them too much so I could concentrate on the camera, on the lighting and on not tripping up any of the passers-by. Everything was going well for about 20 minutes when a huge man rolled up in a golf buggy. ‘What’s going on here?’, he asked. I explained that I was just doing a quick shoot and that I’d checked the regulations for working on the street. ’This isn’t the street, it’s Brooklyn Bridge Park so let’s wrap this up’, he replied. As I said, this was a HUGE man so I said no bother, I’m just finishing up anyway, sir! Well, it was good while it lasted and we had just enough photos in the bag. Certainly the most memorable shoot I’ve had and one that lead me to start my continuing ‘Dance Project’ series.