CHC Helicopters

CHC Helicoptersdsc_0627-edit-edit

Over the years I’ve photographed all kinds of people and places. Another recurring theme is vehicles – bicycles, motorbikes, trains to planes, cars, vans, electric vehicles and boats. I was even in a yellow submarine once, but not for work!

Recently CHC asked me to come in to their Aberdeen hangar to photograph a couple of new helicopters which had just arrived from Canada. I’m told that extra fuel tanks were fitted to allow them to fly non stop to Aberdeen.
You have to think on your feet in this game and one of the challenges here was the location – the hangar, although very clean and tidy, would have been distraction in the background so I carefully chose my camera settings to darken the area while using light coming in the hangar door in tandem with some carefully placed flashes to selectively light the helicopter.
I’m looking to complete my collection of transport photos so if you’ve got a spaceship that needs photographing please get int touch!